Lighting A Show Stopping, Giant Tree

Lydia Gannon 
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First things first. When starting a large trunk wrap, make sure you have multiple sources of power or connection points for your lights. You will read more about why this is important later in the blog.

Also, we suggest using LED mini lights especially for a large installment like this. You can try incandescent bulbs, but this may turn into a nightmare. The Minleon LED mini lights are the best! They are water resistant, energy saving, and really beautiful as well! They also can connect 40 end to end.

Below you can see our male end starting at the bottom and we made sure to have a three way that is connected to the power of the house.

Below you can see where the power is connected and where the timer is as well.

Another tip that we have for the large trunk wrap, is to have an extension chord that runs up the tree underneath your mini lights. This keeps it safe and looks professional.

Below is a rectifier that is on each strand of lights. Here is a tip of why we use multiple sources of power. If using just one power source and strand, one bulb going out or this rectifier being defective would cause for the whole tree being out of power.

Below you can see how the lights come when taken out of the package. They come in a bundle and white tags on the ends of them. To help the job go smooth and keep the professional look we take the white tags off and then wrap the strands in a ball. This way the installer can just quickly wrap around the branches. You can see this in the next two pictures below.

Having the strands of lights in a ball makes the process much easier. It is less likely to be dropped and keeps the job going.

After the lights have been strung, you may see some gaps in between he lights. A quick tip we do is just add a simple staple. This way it helps the gaps, but also keeps it looking professional.

When estimating how many lights a tree will need, especially a large one like this, always over estimate. Below is a picture of how much one strand of lights covered for this particular tree. It didn’t cover very much, so again always over estimate.

Also when trunk wrapping, we space the strands a part by hands width. Below you can see how this is done. This way you will have that bright look! You can space it our farther but we have learned that it looks better a little closer together.

Another tip for the bidding process is, it takes about the same amount of time putting up and taking it down. So, keep that in mind when bidding a tree of this size.

We hope this helped in how to install a show stopping tree! Watch full video above to see the process from start to finish!

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