Tips for Professional Garland

Lydia Gannon 
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You would think that installing garland has no steps. Just hang and complete! Well, there are some easy and simple tips to make garland look professional and the best! Lets get started!

Tip #1:

When drilling into masonry, use a little piece of wood so the screw has something to grip to. This is a tip for you when drilling is needed.

Tip # 2:

Purchase thick and full garland. Good quality really helps make the garland stand out. You do not want any cheap looking garland.

Tip #3:

To the left you will see how the garland is packed together and to the right you can see it full and spread out. After hanging or before spread the branches apart to create the full look.

Tip #4:

Use bright red bows to to make the green stand out. Buy good quality ones. This will make the garland look from good to great!

Tip 5:

Here again you see below how the garland is fluffed up. Having it look like shows that it is professional and a good quality.

Tip 6:

When hanging garland on door ways and windows, you will need to fluff it but then push it down against the back so its not bouncing. See pictures below. n

Below you can see the finished homeowner installment. We used each of these tips to make it look professional and amazing!

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