USA Christmas Lights in July Red White And Blue Pro Pack

Lydia Gannon 
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Why should you decorate for the Fourth of July? Here is why; this holiday celebrates the first time the 13 colonies declared America as an independent country. So, Red, White, and blue is the way to go! These colors will not go wrong with making the Fourth of July celebrated at its finest.

With Fourth of July just around the corner we now have USA Pro Pack now available in our store! If you are a homeowner, this pack is for you. If you would like a DIY project this pro pack is for you. And it you are an installer, this is for you.

The Christmas Light Pro Pack is great because you receive all that is needed for installation. Also, the products included are not usually found in a big box store. When looking to install, professional lights are sold in bulk, but this kit is smaller and you are able to an average sized house. The lights also have the ability to be custom cut to your home. If customizing lights is new for you, click here to learn; https://youtu.be/hG9Km7t-fak.

This pro pack is available on our website!

What is great about the Christmas Light Contractors Pro Pack?

You get the high quality lights used by professionals, without having to buy in bulk quantities usually associated with professional lights. We have simplified the LED light packages to include most everything you would need for either 100 feet or 125 feet of lights along a house’s gutters and roofline.

Now to explain each of the items that are in the pro pack:

To get started, there are two options of pro packs. In either, will be the exact amount of c9 socket wire that is needed.

Here is the socket wire that is included in the pack. With male and female plugs you are able to customize your lights and socket wire.

Along with the plugs are the clips to hold the bulbs. The tuff clips allow you to slide right over the bulb. You don’t have to unscrew the bulb to attach it. You are able to hang lights on gutters and shingles! The clip is very secure and will only move when moved manually. The design allows the clip to swivel around the strand so you can change the direction of your clip easily. 

Right below is how you can see the clip slide on the C9 Led bulb.

C9bulbs are made of a durable plastic. With this, it makes them nearly unbreakable. They are also cool to the touch. With them also being a waterproof seal, you do not have to worry about them shorting out. Not only are they durable but also dimmable as well.

When looking through the video below, you will see how we did the pattern of red, white, blue, white , red, white, blue, etc. This way, the multi colored lights do not run together. More white bulbs, make a distinction between the colors. It is much more eye catching!

Another great feature about this pro pack is that when you purchase, you can reuse the pack for the holiday season! All you need to do it purchase green bulbs and there you go. Another holiday complete!

Next, the bare wire. The very amazing thing about bare wire is that you are now able to make your own extension cords! By adding male and female ends, customizing is made easy.

Now that you know what is in the Christmas Light Contractors USA Pro Pack why wait to purchase.

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